Pond Hockey!

Pond hockey!!!
Ok, I gotta confess that I have only ever played pond hockey a couple of times when I was a kid. Cause we had the backyard rink, I stayed at home to play. Sudbury has tonnes of little lakes all around it and when I went with my friend Andre to his camp we played shinny with his cousins on the pond for an entire weekend. It was really weird. I was used to having boards around and there weren’t any. I learned really quickly that you had to keep your shots low or you were getting off the ice and trying to find where the puck landed. Not easy walking on snow covered rocks in your skates.

I learned from those few games that low shooting and no checking were the way to play. It was a lot of fun. I’ve checked into a few pond hockey tourneys and was surprised there was a world championship for pond hockey. It’s in Plaster Rock, New Brunswick and is a huge tourney. They have Men’s and Women’s divisions 4 on 4 with 20 rinks. They have 6 foot wide nets but are only 10 inches high. It’s crazy. From what I’ve heard, they have people from all over the world coming to this event. Even Stephen Harper dropped the puck there one year.

My friends and I are thinking of forming a team and going to play next year. Gotta clear it with the wife first, though.

If you’re gonna play pond hockey, for craps sake make sure the ice is thick enough. You don’t wanna be falling through. That would ruin your fun for sure. If you don’t have nets, then make some and bring’em with you. Or use some twigs or something to make a net. Keep it simple, man.


Back to my hockey roots.

Hey all you pond and backyard hockey fans! This site is for you. PB Hockey stands for Pond and Backyard Hockey. We’re looking to get you out of the arena. Break free, dude!

This site is gonna look at all things to do with pond and backyard hockey. We’re going old school here and pond hockey is serious business in case you didn’t know, read up here.  I might point you to some tourneys going on but I won’t give my opinion on them. That’s up to you whether you want to play in them or not. I’m simply here to give you the 411 on this stuff. The rest is up to you.

I grew up in Sudbury, Ontario playing on a backyard rink. Every year my dad would put up boards and flood our backyard. My friends would come over after school and we’d be out there for hours. We didn’t even stop for dinner. We simply played our hearts out. Childhood hockey in the backyard with my friends were some of the best times in my life. My dad got sick with cancer when I was 14 and that was the end of my backyard hockey playing. He died pretty fast and I just couldn’t think of building that rink without him. So I didn’t skate outside until recently when my daughter turned 2 and I realized that I could carry on my dad’s legend by building a backyard rink for her. So I did.

I wanna tell you that it was an amazing experience. So different than playing inside. And you don’t have to load up the car to get there. We simply put on her snowsuit, her mitts, hat and skates and off we go into the backyard. Some of our neighbourhood kids have started to join us. I hope she can have as kickass memories of backyard skating as I do.

Have you played pond hockey before?  If so feel free to reach out to me on my holla page. :)

Remember to check back tomorrow for more!

Hi everyone on the interwebs!!!

This is my first time ever doing something like this.  I am really excited to be an official blogger.  I decided that this winter was finally the winter that I was gonna quit being lazy and start my blog about my passion, can you guess what it is?!  Lol  If you do not, then I am sure you will know soon enough.  Anyway, I wanted to get this first post up on the site just so it would be official that I was a blogger.  I will be adding posts somewhat frequently and hope that you will visit often.